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Roofers in Houston come and go. After almost 25 years on the Texas Gulf Coast, we still think of ourselves as ‘up and coming’. There’s a reason for that.

Hi, I’m Ernie Smith. Thanks for checking us out!

Houston is a big city with big storms. And roofers from across the U.S. come to Houston and the surrounding areas to set up shop.

No license is required to be a roofer in Texas. Anybody can work on your house. So it’s no surprise that most newbie roofers here only last a few years.

But we’ve been around near a quarter-century. Ernie Smith & Sons Roofing is a genuine ‘mom and pop’ second-generation family business, Texas born and raised. And we’re still growing.

We know what Texas weather can do. And because of our unique history and background, storm-proof roof installation is what we do.

You see, though we work all over Houston and beyond, we cut our roofing teeth here on the Texas Gulf Coast – one of the most highly regulated areas for building and construction in the country.

After more than two decades meeting and exceeding high-wind specifications and guidelines for the Texas Department of Insurance, storm-resistant roof replacement is second nature to us - and our specialty.
We’ve never let a warranty lapse, and our TDI inspection compliance and success rate is immaculate.

Things like six nails per shingle and reinforced roof perimeters are standard fare, for every roof, and there’s no extra charge - wherever you live.

My wife and I had seven boys, and no girls. Growing up, they all learned to roof, and they all helped with the business.

Now those sons have sons. (And a heaping helping of girls to boot.)

And that’s our story! At least so far.

After so many years and a lot of hard work, we’ve built a solid reputation. Friends telling friends, family telling family. (So if you don’t know us, the neighbors all do.)

We have literally thousands of satisfied customers. From politicians to plant workers, detectives and dentists, astronauts and cowboys, engineers and homemakers – for starters.

Chances are, there’s a roof we’ve done that’s just around the corner – or just across the street!

We’re experts with all types of roofing materials and installation, including asphalt shingles (composition and architectural), every type of metal roofing, clay and concrete tile, and commercial and flat roofing.

Of course, we know how it is - if you enjoy spending money, it’s probably not on roofing.

But it’s a whole lot easier with someone you know. Or at least all the neighbors know. Like Ernie Smith & Sons. Where, because we’re all family, after almost 25 years we’re probably just starting.

Contact us today for a free, friendly estimate. Call 409-925-8843, or 281-534-3521.

And check out our website articles. Choosing a great roofer is a good place to start, or read up on Houston area roofing.