Three reasons why your attic ventilation could make or break your roof!

Most folks don’t care about the ventilation in their attic. Of course, you don’t live up there, so why would you think about it? It only takes you a few minutes to throw your decorations, old clothes, and collectibles up there, before you rush back down to get out of the heat. While it may be true that most people don’t spend much time in their attic except to store or retrieve something, having correct ventilation in your attic could make all the difference in your roofing system. Here are three reasons why you should make sure the air is properly ventilated in your attic.

Heat and Moisture

Everyone knows that their attic gets very hot during the summer. Especially here in Texas! But most people don’t know that some of the structural components can be affected by heat and moisture. The roof deck and rafters can become warped when exposed to extreme heat for an extended period of time, which can lead to a weakened structure and eventually a collapsed roof if not addressed in time. Moisture can begin rotting away at the structural components. You'd be surprised how fast a board can rot out in your attic!

Mold and Mildew

Where there is heat and moisture, you can expect mold and mildew to grow. This is true for anywhere in your house, but the attic is particularly vulnerable because the heat and moisture are combined. Additionally, you rarely visit the attic. Often it's already a bad case before you discover it if you ever discover it at all! It’s possible that by the time you notice it, the mold and mildew infestation has gotten out of control and caused serious damage.

Damage to Insulation

Heat and moisture can be absorbed by the insulation in the attic. This damages the insulation, preventing it from keeping the house cool and increasing your energy bill. 

It’s clear that proper attic ventilation is more important than most people think. If you’re worried about the air circulation in your attic or want to speak with a pro about an inspection, contact the experts at Ernie Smith & Sons Roofing today by sending an email to [email protected] to get a free estimate for your next project. OR, call today! 833-ESS-ROOF

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