Five things to tell your roofing sales representative when they come to call. Make a great first impression and get the most out of your initial contact and subsequent meeting.

1. Tell your roofing sales representative that you’re only getting a few bids. (No more than three is recommended.) They’ll know you’ve narrowed the field, that a decision on your part is imminent, and that they have as good a chance as any of getting the job.

2. Tell your roofing sales rep that you’re not necessarily looking for the cheapest price, and that quality and value are just as important to you as cost. Likewise, you’re not necessarily interested in only the cheapest product available.

3. Get your sales rep’s attention by saying you’re ready to start right away and nothing is in the way of you making a timely decision. Offering some kind of time frame shows you’re serious about moving forward and sets you apart from others who aren’t quite as sure of their plans.

4. Tell your roofing sales rep that you’d like to meet with them in person (rather than just having a bid dropped off). The desire for a ‘face to face’ meeting indicates your interest in a thorough and accurate estimate best achieved by visually communicating those things about your job that are important to you.

5. Finally, gain your roofing sales rep’s confidence by showing them the money. Tell them up front exactly how, and when, you’re going to pay when the job is complete. (If insurance is involved, assure the sales rep you’ll assist in promptly filing the correct paperwork to expedite the payment process.)

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