The roofers are coming! Five things to know before your job gets started.

1. Not surprisingly, getting a new roof is a noisy affair. The incessant banging overhead can be a bit unsettling for both pets and humans. If possible, plan on not being inside too much when your roof job is in progress.

2. Roofers need electricity, as they invariably will come across some amount of rotted wood, and will need to whip out the Skilsaw. Access to an outside power source at your home will eliminate the need to round up a generator. (In the summer, a backyard water faucet is a big plus to workers who need to stay hydrated and refreshed.)

3. The more accessible your house is the easier things will be for your roofing crew. For example, roofing shingles ideally should be positioned as close to the roof as possible. (Such logistics will likely have been worked out by your sales rep prior to job start.)

4. During the day, parking can be a bit problematic for both tenants and workers alike, even neighbors. Going in and out of the house should be kept to a minimum if possible. Space will be at a premium, especially driveways where equipment might be situated and even left overnight.

5. A roofing crew’s schedule can be fairly atypical. Sometimes there’s a need to work early to avoid the oppressive Texas heat, and sometimes a crew might work late for various reasons – for example, inclement weather can put a dent in the roofing crew’s schedule, inadvertently extending the scheduled time of completion.

Finally, consider securing any valuables that might not be adequately attached to ceilings and walls, and remember that random acts of kindness towards crew members who are working on your home is always a good thing.

Any type of construction project will bring some inconvenience, but the good news is that re-roofing a home can often be done in a day, depending on the size of the roof. Don’t hesitate to talk to your roofing sales rep or designated job supervisor if you have any questions.

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