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Roof Replacement Photo Album: Hail Damage on Rosenberg Home

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Insurance covered replacing the roof on this Rosenberg, TX home, after it suffered significant hail damage. Since shingles are made of fiberglass-reinforced asphalt and coated with granules, they can take a beating without immediately showing signs of damage on the surface. When hail damage is visible on the surface of the shingle, it's only the tip of the iceberg, as the weight and velocity of falling hailstones is enough to crack the granule / asphalt layer on the surface, fracture the fiberglass mat underneath, and even loosen the self-seal strips that seal the lower edge of each shingle to the shingles below it. 
Cracks in the granule / asphalt layer can radiate outward and cause granules and fragments of asphalt to fall off of the shingle, leaving the internal shingle structure exposed to the elements. Fractures in the fiberglass mat can result in tears in the mat radiating outward from the point of impact, weakening the overall structure. Loosened self-seal strips on the shingle leave the shingle vulnerable to wind, which can lift the lower edges of the shingles and fold them back, causing them to break and blow off. 

While it is possible to replace individual hail-damaged shingles, latent damage to the surrounding shingles caused by hail can be difficult to assess. Because of the potential for surrounding shingles to have unseen damage, complete roof replacement is often recommended for the long-term performance of the roof. Additionally, most shingle warranties do not cover hail damage. 

Our customer here opted to have the hail-damaged shingles replaced with GAF Timberline HD shingles, in the color "Weathered Wood", along with weathered bronze drip edge to match the roof.

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