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Roof Replacement Photo Album: Mobile home roof replacement, Santa Fe, TX

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This home in Santa Fe, TX needed a full roof replacement, as the existing 3-tab shingles were old and brittle, and had a lot of visible granule loss. The granules are what protect the asphalt shingle's glass fiber reinforced substrate from the sun and the elements. Additionally, several shingle tabs were broken or missing, likely as a result of high winds blowing across old shingles who's sealant strips were dried out and no longer able to hold the shingle tabs down. 
The homeowner opted to replace the old gray 3-tab shingles with new GAF Timberline HD shingles, which have a longer overall lifespan and higher windspeed tolerance. The light wooden tones in GAF's "Shakewood" color shingles compliment the Barn Red siding nicely, and simulate the look of the wooden shingles found on some old houses and barns.

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